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We are a locally-owned scrap-metal recycling and processing company in Atlanta, Georgia, just east of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. We built our business to save you time and make you money. 

Whether you’re an independent tow truck operator, a corporate moving company, an HVAC or trade contractor, or a demolition contractor of any kind, we specialize in turning your scrap metal into fast cash.

  • We shred scrap to separate ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals
  • We buy incomplete and complete cars and offer competitive pricing
  • We offer call-ahead pricing and locked-in quotes that make your visits to our yard fast and simple
  • We do all the work for you, including draining fuel and removing batteries from cars

How It Works

It starts with a call.

You have cars, copper, dishwashers, conductors, dryers, radiators, etc and we have the machinery to process, shred and recycle the ferrous and non-ferrous metals found in these goods allowing us to pay you top dollar for your scrap.

Call us and let us know what you’re recycling. We’ll give you an immediate offer for those items. We’ll then give you a ticket number that locks in the quote. Bring your ticket number and scrap metals to our recycling facility in Hapeville, Georgia, where you’ll get in, get out and get paid normally in 20 minutes or less.

Call us at 770.458.8662 to get started TODAY

Tow Customers

Every hour counts when you’re in the tow business. We make sure your visit to Browns Mill takes no more than 15 minutes by doing the work for you. Call us to get a ticket number that locks in your quote, then drop off the cars. We take care of emptying fuel lines, removing batteries, and any other leg work needed to get the car processed.

Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC & Plumbing Customers

We help you add a stream of revenue to your business. Your projects are rich with the kind of ferrous and non-ferrous metals we process. We offer training and the equipment to allow your company to maximize your profits. Pick-up service and permanent roll off and bin pcclacement services are available.. 

Office Moving & Relocation

No more head scratching about what to do with damaged or unusable metal cubicle dividers, steel filing cabinets, copy machines and appliances. We offer pick-up services and competitive pricing for all scrap metals that result from moving your business to a new location.

Happy customers

“Browns Mill competes with the big boys but provides faster service.  Getting an extra car scrapped every day really adds up.” 

- Local Tow Operator

“Switching from our previous recycling solution to Browns Mill has really showed us what we should have been expecting from a recycling partner.  They took the time to educate us on our material values and provided us with on-site separation solutions to allow us maximize our material values.” 

- Manager Commercial HVAC Company

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